Cross Section
30 x 42 cm. Framed
Edition of 20
€125 Framed

Self Portrait
42 x 59 cm. Framed
Edition of 24
€250 Framed

50 x 70 cm. Framed
Edition of 4
€420 Framed

About the Artist

Brian Giles aka Sonofafox is an Irish Printmaker / Graphic Designer based in Dublin. Brian rediscovered his love of image-making in 2017 when he became a member of Damn Fine Print and has since developed a strong visual style in his printmaking.

Through the process of screen printing, he loves to experiment with graphic abstract textures and strong colour combinations, often combining these two elements to pro- duce bold and colourful artworks. His practice incorporates a range of processes such as silkscreen, large scale printing, paste-ups, collage, painting, risograph, and photogra- phy; all of which are re-contextualized through the print process.