When Will You Settle?
Inkjet print
22 x 31 cm. Unframed
Edition of 2
€40 Unframed

When Will You Settle? is a series on 35mm that aims to discuss how the assumption of motherhood holds a weight on the average woman, which is completely separate to the thing itself. ‘’When will you settle? You wouldn’t want to wait long past thirty. So, when are you going to give us all a day out?’’ Andrews’ work aims to question societal expectancy on women and becoming a mother. How present is this pressure in Ireland today?

About the Artist

Bronwyn Andrews is a photography graduate of IADT in 2019 from Louth. Her photographic practice is grounded largely in the theme of the female experience in Irish culture. She is interested in examining Ireland’s heritage and how our national memory affects women today, as well as Ireland’s Pre Catholic imagery and history. Bronwyn interrogates these themes via collaborative portraits of women around her as well as self- portraiture.

In 2019, Bronwyn was shortlisted for both the Inspirational Arts Award and the RDS Visual Art Awards and was chosen by Canon Europe to photograph Matera for the European Capital of Culture.